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Lucy verner 46 lesley roberts 52 julia van der wens 54 laura hall 42 pictured lr have all struggled to find similarly aged men who measure up to their dating expectations they are in great physical shape living full and interesting lives.

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The good news however is that senior centers across the country are working hard to attract men to their programs according to pardasani gallagher and others and heres what they say senior centers are doing and can do to attract more men 1.

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When all the men were gone this book is an autobiographical story set during the world war ii years it depicts the struggles and hardships and the resourcefulness of a young boy his friends his mother and other women the boys club and all those people who held it together when all the men were gone.

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Where have all the godly men gone these days i ponder that question with increased frequency and concern if the lack of godly men were only a matter of personality or ministerial preference then.

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Men who marry late often pick a younger woman rather than someone their own age leaving a whole raft of women over the age of 30 without a suitable partner the growing confidence with which men can come out is also blamed for a shortage of eligible men in london according to gay pressure group stonewall up to 15 per cent of men are homosexual.

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Hes no lumberjack but as a champion of sound theology and christian education in a city thats hostile to both hes one of the est men i know or masculinity may look like chuck colson a marine nixons hatchet man and allaround toughguy before he was broken by christ before going to prison.

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If we assume half 150 million are men that means roughly 39 million men are religiously unaffiliated in contrast only about 29 million women feel the same way 10 million fewer men interested in religion is hugely significant and as pews become increasingly dominated by women churches are being forced to.

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The result selfmade man one womans year disguised as a man is a sympathetic portrait of men and friendship that suggests what weve known all along mens interior lives are loaded with emotional content and their desire to connect with one another remains but they are blocked on all fronts thats probably the part i hated most vincent recalls of her adventure in guydom.

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men lagging behind is pointed to as a problem in that these successful women are not interested in these scrub men and the pool of successful men is smaller phillip zimbardo did a ted talk on the demise of guys.

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